Origin Story

Who created Demon? Why? Find answers on this page.

Who created Demon?

Demon creator - Nirav MehtaMy name is Nirav Mehta, and I am a software entrepreneur. I and my team created Demon.

What kind of software do we make?

We have three main software businesses.

  • StoreApps.org - WooCommerce plugins and solutions for growing stores
  • Putler - analytics and business intelligence for online businesses
  • Icegram - marketing solutions for lead generation, optins, email campaigns etc

Every day thousands of people use our solutions to grow their business, engage their tribe and achieve their goals.

We've been in software business from 1999 and are quite successful!

But why a game?

Because we want you to create memorable moments with your loved ones!

It has taken more than 500 hours of work to create Demon. Game design, testing, graphics, production, website - there are hundreds of things that go in making a game.

Our well wishers questioned why we spend so much time on a non-business activity... But we love games, and we want to create happy moments for everyone. So here we are!

The Origin Story

I don't want my kids to spend endless hours in front of a TV - or a mobile - or any form of screen..

Back in 2014 I was looking for activities to create "quality time with family". We've always loved games, and so I started getting all sorts of games for the family.

And the family loved it...

We played. We had great time together. We had something new to learn, something exciting to look forward to.

I witnessed the positive results of board games and card games and all other table top games.

So I brought games to office!

And my team loved playing games too.

Even my friends looked forward to new games every time we met.

Long story short, games were a super hit.

So why did we make Demon?

When we had to think about swag to give away at conferences we were sponsoring / visiting, "creating a game" was the winning idea!

In 2017, we created Cards Against Startups / WordPress / Bollywood / Developers.... That was well received.

In 2019, we made Demon.

Demon instantly became popular. We give it away at events we go to, and people keep asking for more copies.

So we're now bringing Demon to everyone!

What do we expect from you?

Play games with family and friends.

Sure, play Demon. Play all its variants. Give us reviews, share about it on social media, and recommend it to your friends.

But most importantly, create memorable moments with your loved ones.

That's what we're after!


Demon's gameplay has a long history.

It originated in how biker gangs chose their leaders. From that theme, Hervé Marly created a game, and named it after the biker’s favorite bar – Skull & Roses. Marly’s game is fantastic, and beautifully illustrated by Rose Kipik and Thomas Vuarchex.

Demon is inspired from same game mechanics. There are lots of differences, but we still like to thank Marly for the inspiration!

My team at StoreApps, Putler and Icegram has contributed immensly in game design, testing and development. So they deserve most of the credits for Demon!

Still have questions?

We'd love to hear from you. Contact us with all your questions!


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